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This is what happens when you take stills instead of pulling frames off of video, but then again I’m making that statement being completely clueless in terms of photography. All I know id the facial expressions are completely wrong in this pic to the point where i find it amusing.

The girl who’s getting her pussy licked is obviously going for an ecstasy look, like she’s in her seventh heaven of pleasure. She at least resembles it enough that I can see what she’s going for, however, instead she’s a lot closer to looking like she’s laughing her ass off.

At what might she be laughing then?

Probably at the chick licking her pussy who’s facial expression doesn’t resemble anything remotely related to the scene, instead she’s got some Mad Max vibe going on there. Like her clan’s survival depends on the licking of this pussy so you better back the fuck off if you’re even thinking of interfering.

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